The Third Industrial Revolution is a book and documentary by Jeremy Rifkin with ideas for what we should do about climate change. He says we are moving from a me economy to a shared economy, millennials are taking over. The Internet of Things offers a … Continue readingShare


Monist theory says everything is mind, consciousness is the universe, (Hoffman, Kastrup, Kleiner…). Unquestionably consciousness exists and must be accounted for. Being of a different order, they say consciousness is not a product of the brain but an independent phenomena. The mind is primary, an … Continue readingMonist


Recently there has been talk of my favourite film, 2001 A Space Odyssey, in relation to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. I was watching a program describing HAL, the AI computer in the film that controlled the spaceship, and thought to comment. HAL stands for … Continue readingHAL


Space has become a playground for the billionaire; Bezos, Branson and Musk whose projects include SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, Energy, Mars, Artificial Intelligence… Perhaps narcissistic, Musk isn’t a movie star but has become the most famous person alive. Neuralink aspires to evolution by our own hand. … Continue readingNeuralink


The Ukrainian war is Putin’s desire to restore the USSR, his other reasons are fabricated. Certainly Ukraine presented no threat. Wars are often fought over land, Ukraine was once part of the USSR. Putin’s actions seem irrational to many, to use Nazism as justification, Zelensky … Continue readingUkraine


Glasgow COP (Conference of the Parties) on climate change hasn’t achieve much, except that the two greatest polluters of the world are talking again. It’s about time that governments took global warming seriously, like the people who are going to face the worst of it. … Continue readingCOP26


Who would disagree with Stephen Hawking, artificial intelligence is dangerous. I also think it can offer something to a chaotic species through dispassionate thought. AI has come a long way, it now performs surgery, drives cars, builds houses, grows food, but it will never enjoy … Continue readingIntelligence


The US went into Afghanistan for Osama bin Laden, to pay retribution for 9/11. Understandable action given beliefs about the twin towers, to now leave the country devoid of stability is questionable. Indeed any country faces its own demons but US intervention contributed to the … Continue readingAfghanistan


Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest in the world. Wikipedia suggests that they’ve existed for at least 65,000 years. That’s a fair bit older than ancient Greece. I feel there is much to learn from Aborigines. After the stolen generation and many years without natural … Continue readingAborigines


Kiss the Ground is a documentary you can watch on Netflix about how we might fix global warming. The earth can absorb much of the carbon if we regenerate the soil. Most atmospheric carbon is caused by land use; farming, deforestation, desertification. Absorbing carbon into … Continue readingWarming


Psychologist Donald Hoffman claims reality is not as it seems. A computer image isn’t that but 1’s and 0’s, similarly we don’t perceive the actual. We have always wondered who or what created the universe. He claims consciousness creates it, a quote “Conscious realism makes … Continue readingReality


After my descent into coma I have contemplated nothingness becoming interested in the philosophy of mind, I now think reality is consciousness. A quote from philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, the author of Being and Nothingness, “Life has no meaning a priori. Before you come alive, life … Continue readingNothingness