During this time of Covid I thought to suggest a few Netflix films…. SPACE ODYSSEY 2001 Kubrick’s masterpiece is about intelligence. Human intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence of HAL, an unknown intelligence from space. Space Odyssey gives birth to a new life form, dare I say consciousness. … Continue readingFilm


SpaceX has stimulated human imagination, we are becoming explorers again. Elon Musk’s Tesla car attempts to address global warming, Neuralink human technology integration, but for SpaceX to explore the universe takes the cake. He intends to send his first rocket to Mars in 2024. We … Continue readingSpaceX


Like the film The Matrix, are we living in a simulation? Facebook, the most used application in the world, wants to allow users to create virtual realities, is this one? Elon Musk says “We’re most likely in a simulation”, I think he puts it at … Continue readingSimulation


Dear fellow coma victims, I think I’ve discovered something about recovery from coma because of Covid and social distancing. The new pathways in the brain require regular stimulation otherwise they returns to empty space, it again becomes a virgin pathway. The new pathway is not permanent, … Continue readingComa


CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. When we cut someone’s DNA we can force a change through the RNA in a CRISPR enzyme. Editing the DNA of an embryo can dramatically change the person, things like the shape of their face, their … Continue readingCRISPR


Protests about racism are occurring globally because of George Floyd’s murder in the US by police, and the ability to share information through social media. People know what’s right and wrong. Indeed black lives matter, equality is right. We haven’t been able to translate this … Continue readingRacism


Protests are happening globally because of George Floyd’s murder in the US by police, and the ability to share information through social media. Indeed black lives matter, equality is right but we’ve never achieved it. We should become truly equal in all things. I cannot … Continue readingMartyr


We’re already cyborg with the smart phone, but the company neuralink aims to further integrate our biology with technology. Not be left behind by Artificial Super Intelligence, the pinnacle of Human Intelligence. Our intelligence can now endure forever, we can travel the universe. Maybe one … Continue readingCyborg


The trouble between Hong Kong and Beijing at present isn’t really about democracy but capitalism. The target of communism was financial equality, democracy is more about power through money. Forget the trickle down effect, there are so many beggars today. I’m a beggar, equality please … Continue readingBeggars


Humans needed a reboot because of global warming, covid has provided that and proven that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Like the Spanish Flu early in the 20th century Coronavirus has taken many lives. Maybe because of it we’ll focus on life and take … Continue readingCovid

Look Out

After 7 years I claim to have recovered from coma. Getting better takes a very long time, here are a couple of ideas that might help others. I feel it important to address issues as soon as they are noticed, physical or mental. To address … Continue readingLook Out


Having seen an item about sexism on TV and previously writing about another human difference, race, I again thought to comment. Commonly the term sexism refers to a perceived intellectual inequality, of course there are physical differences. Women hold a smaller number of powerful positions, … Continue readingSexism