Well we’re back in Jonker Walk,  a rustic and old world place in Malacca, Malaysia, perhaps the Singapore of 100 years ago which is also Peranakan, my wife often gets picked for one. Peranakan is the fusion of Malay and Chinese I am told from when the Chinese first came to this region. One of my favourite Peranakan restaurants is here, I will have one of my favourite dishes tonight, Chap Chye. Recently it was also mother in law’s birthday and brother in law’s wedding. The wedding was an excellent occasion of the public union between two individuals, now a dual. For them to declare their love for each other before everyone they know and care for. To say their relationship is permanent. I think weddings can be profound events. The venue made it entertainment rather than merely observing this union. I call them wedding farms, churn them through. But it was a beautiful and historic venue surrounded by gardens, quite unusual for Singapore, like a journey back in time. A truly fantastic occasion.