Dear fellow coma victims,

It’s been a little over 4 years since my descent into coma for 3 months and I’m finally learning about my body parts again. It has taken a long time for my brain to remember each body part, to develop new pathways for communication.

I always need to focus on turning my ankle when walking, perhaps it is starting to occur more naturally. I have begun to understand that it’s a slow process to recover from coma, only through repetition things have improved for me. Perhaps the brain’s new pathways need to acquire the complexity for that body part.

It’s close to 3 years since I left home to return to Singapore and get married. I have been trying all the while to resume my life and not be a burden to my family. We must always try to be ourselves after coma. My memory has even improved a bit. The toes on my right foot still do their own thing and point to the heavens, perhaps that is a more subtle pathway in the brain, a foot is quite complex when you think about it. As the doctors said “time will be your best friend”. I can even remember that they said that, not at which hospital but just the words.