There are several posts here by the title, ‘recovery’, this might be the last. I now have a date for my recovery from coma, my father’s funeral 30/7/2017. It would have been unthinkable during recovery for me to write and deliver a speech to so many people and also to try and answer their obscure questions.

My father’s remembrance acknowledged a most excellent man. I think I posted here the very eulogy I delivered, not exactly,  I ad-libbed. It was indeed a celebration of a life well lived. To hear other speeches about him also stimulated my memory, I could remember his honesty and sincerity that they all spoke of.

One Reply to “Passing”

  1. It was a beautiful and soulful remembrance ceremony, and your eulogy speech for dad was extremely heartfelt and moving. Indeed, yours was regarded as one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking speeches in commemoration of dad and his larger than life life. We miss him tremendously, now and years to follow.