Coma presents a monolith. This site was originally a discussion thereof, so how’s it going?


At 10 years since I believe the right side of my body has improved as best it can. My right hand spreads out better but I’m no longer confidently right handed, I’m not able to write. Also I still use a walking stick, but often just carry it trying to provoke my gait. The problem with walking is balance, a difficult thing to teach the brain. After learning balance during childhood, one becomes accustomed to its sensations. I don’t think my brain can relearn the complexities of it, and in a new pathway. Doctors did say I would never walk normally again, but at least I can and sometimes without a stick.


I think my mind has mostly recovered, in fact I recently remembered surprising things in detail. I wonder if I would have remembered them without coma, memory has become an active pursuit. I think I always tried to gather my thoughts, and do so again. There are still pockets of memory that are difficult to penetrate, but everyone complains of such. I have often worked on my identity as discussed in several posts, and now claim to be myself again. We are often confronted by ourselves throughout life, this is not a legacy of coma.