Dear fellow coma victims, memory can actually work again when prompted by being in places of the distant past. I’m visiting my sister in Redhill, Victoria, Australia, and we just went to places from my childhood. We drove to Flinders, a village on the coast, and I remembered which ways to turn the car to get there. I remembered walking along the beach to the Flinders pier from Point Leo and the golf course when we drove past. In Point Leo I could remember the camp site I previously stayed at many times. It seems to be like everyone told me when I could remember nothing, memory is still there the brain needs to know where it has been moved to. I read a doctors theory that it has a new catalogue and must re-establish the reference. Having gone to many vineyards here Redhill is also now a winemaking region of Australia known best for its Pinot.

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  1. Dear Mathew! I don’t know if you remember me? We met in koh Chang 3 1/2 month before your horrible accident. Im so sorry what you have been thru, but what I read about your recovery makes me happy. Happy in a really sad sitauation.
    Try to check my Facebook ( Jennie Helsgesson)out, I have some pics from Melborne.
    I really hope that life treat you right and that you are happy where you are!
    Love Jen