Like the film The Matrix, are we living in simulation? Facebook, the most used application in the world, wants to allow users to create virtual realities, is this one? Elon Musk says “We’re most likely in a simulation”, I think he puts it at a billion to 1 that we’re not. When therein we might create simulation from simulation ad infinitum. Simulation or not, as Descartes says I think and so am. We have always wondered about our source.

Has AI created simulation to understand its maker? We created AI. The question is what’s the origin of the perceived universe, God? Simulation only adds fascination, it suggests we are created by an intelligence. The question of God remains, what intelligence? But then again reality might be a future child playing with computers. What of the base reality, there must be an actual.

Simulation theory raises all manner of questions, like Monist theory for both there is no material world. In simulation it’s computer generated, for monists everything is mind. They arrive at the same place, perception is the actual. This is my reality where I can interact with your consciousness. Perception beckons me. Existence provokes, perhaps our very first question was why, before what.

Simulation hypothesis

Humans are curious, so often questioning the meaning of life. If this isn’t, one day we will become technologically advanced and create simulations. We will use virtual reality to explore philosophical questions.

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