Fellow coma victims, I think the most important thing in my recovery progress was leaving my walking stick at home and trying to hobble without it. Over the past month I have noticed improvement, my brain seems to be making permanent the new pathways to communicate with the right side of my body. Even my right hand seems to be improving but I still type with my left. We must push ourselves and our brains to relearn how to do things with the effected parts like walk, brush our teeth, we should lather in the shower using the right like we did before coma. One needs to consistently go beyond the comfort zone after coma, or stroke I imagine. I noticed today having not used my stick for about a month that places where I always found it difficult to walk were better. I always have an issue with walking over lines in the pavement for some reason. When walkways turn into bricks in the pavement it is particularly hard for me, but I try to look ahead and not study the pavement which I thought helped just now. I could even walk over lines rather than needing to stop but I still look like a cripple. The doctors in Thailand who are experienced in these kinds of accidents said after MRI scans that I would have problems with the right side of my body, so accurate they were.

Update: I had to start using my stick again, it takes so long for the brain to develop new pathways. I started using it again on 1/3/2016