Something for humans to explore, space, the universe, and time perhaps. I still believe there is other life in the universe, it’s so massive, infinite they say. I often dwell on space, the planets and such. A huge interest of mine, as is life, all things originate from the big bang science says. Even our thought. Space’s physical exploration would be more than enough, just maybe we would then discover other meanings for the source of life, our existence. There I’ve earned the weekend off, 3 posts for the web, and it’s mother’s birthday today. She’s becoming tired of me wishing her happy 21st, I do that for all women, not girls…

One Reply to “Space”

  1. Yes, it was indeed mother’s birthday yesterday – a happy and significant occasion for us! Mother, smiled, laughed and giggled like a little girl, especially when you suddenly erupted into a birthday song – in English, followed by German and then Chinese – at the end of dinner when we were digesting our food and the memories created by those few hours. You’re not wrong to wish her happy 21st…her birthday falls on the 21st of November, every year 🙂