Dear fellow coma victims,

Time to try walking without my stick again. I attempted that 2 years ago but wasn’t successful, maybe this time. I’m an old man now who might require a stick anyway. I’m not that old, 50. Perhaps the most troubling thing about no stick is that nobody is aware that I’m a cripple and I’m not offered a seat on the train anymore. My first expedition without stick was the gym yesterday, while a little awkward I survived and must try to make it permanent.

After more than 6 years I’m getting closer I think. Life has become a thoughtful process for me. Every step I take or any movement at all I plan. It’s quite interesting the complexities nowadays, to find work and be a productive human being, I must focus. No longer a reactionary animal type existence for the man ape but also an intellectual one, a thoughtful existence. Coma might be easier for a giraffe once he’s aware of his neck again.