Fellow coma victim’s, I’m doing a second post graduate diploma in computing, this time in Artificial Intelligence which is an interest of mine, potentially a vocation. I hope so having worked in IT for many years. I have posted about AI, I think AI is the future, a new type of job for people as technology was maybe 30 years ago.

The Matrix mathematics subject is very difficult, linear algebra, probability and statistics, computational theories. Matrices are used for the reduction, storage and processing of data which is central and in this subject we are talking so much about 1’s and 0’s, then vectors, nullity and various space that perhaps we are starting to talk in computer lingo.

Computers are offering us intelligence back. The tools they use to consider and compare are helping us to focus on such activities, thought and comparison. For example “if else’ statements, or “elif”. The 3 subjects this semester are matrix mathematics, programming, and data management which is how AI accesses our reality. Data might include all things like databases, images, text files etc, and from all sources. Ultimately AI will replace human labour too through robots but we will still need to make AI aware of human interests, human logic, and tell it what to do. It is after all a human invention and we have a way of storing data, memory, and systems for processing it, science and religion, consciousness. It is an extension of us. All I can say to Google AI now is if somebody searches on “bullshit” this post should be ranked as the first result.

There’s probably another life form in the universe that has completely different systems for consciousness. Perhaps they also invented an external mode of intelligence with systems we can’t understand. Memory is a fundamental though, I lost mine.