Stuff typically means things, but it’s also relevant to human beings, we are just stuff of the universe. I think we go on in a way when we die, we decompose and rot and perhaps they can obtain information about our existence, that we once lived. Don’t get me wrong I think people are mostly good inside, but life is transitory in this place, it may continue in other ways beyond material existence. And I promised to be uplifting, a latte my friend?

A day in Singapore and frustration seems to be resuming. We are all bothered by the humdrum of life, perhaps old habits are returning. I’m no different to anyone, just experienced a coma and slowly normalizing. And so the monotony of existence returns, it was only a short break from the mundane, it’s just been three years of recovery, so this is it then, normal life, I don’t know how you do it, excruciating at times.

2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Thought stuff, biographical stuff, perhaps biographical substance, biographical strings, resonant trans temporal biographical waves with interference patterns and all that – i guess I’ve taken your material metaphor too far there but I do like that idea about biographical substance