I think we have overcome the need for telephone numbers. We only need an internet connection nowadays, through the net I can talk to anyone globally, even video call, I don’t need to know their number. And then there is email etc. The SIM cards in our hand phones need only an internet connection. We will no longer need to remember someone’s phone number but will be able to contact anybody by clicking images of them or just clicking a name. I can remember when my family would make an international telephone call from Australia to Germany, we would make sure everybody was around. Through the internet now we can just call person to person despite distance. Indeed we are plugged in to the net, there is much evidence of your identity, even finger print technology is used, all we need is the ability to transmit packets. Call me old-fashioned but I still like the hand written letter, as convenient as it has now become there is something special about an individuals hand written scrawl. We are today always looking at our hand phones but we need a new name, phone won’t do at all, let’s call them ‘birds’. That was a great means of communication, homing Pigeons.