My memory and walking are too bad that no-one would conceivably hire me. People on the train appear accepting of our lot, and financially focused. I wonder when they will see more in life and become frustrated with our systems and the crazy things we do that take us away from the magic of existence. Probably they all desire not to work but are so accepting of what human civilisation impose on people.

Back at last to the scene of the crime, a different place though in the same country, Ao Nang, Thailand. Less of the mundane here, less of the regiment, definitely preferable. My memory and walking are so bad, I struggle to even remember the last time I was here, having been to Thailand many times I find it hard to remember any of them. I can remember koh Samui and some places there like Chaweng and Lamai, I have been to many but can’t remember anything about my visits. Appalling really. Life has become very difficult indeed when you are constantly questioning and not remembering.