Dear fellow coma victims, I thought to post my ideas for recovery. I’m sure I’m repeating myself. By my assessment the best therapy is to act, choose, decide, judge… use the brain in a focussed way always aware that you are using it.  As I’ve said perhaps HBOT helps to rebuild the brain. To become yourself again requires memory. Don’t take any prescribed drugs without investigating their effects. I suspect I was prescribed Olanzapine to subdue me for medical staff, improvement began when I stopped. I’ve been taking several vitamins, Ginkgo Biloba and Brahmi to boost blood circulation in the brain. I can’t say exactly the benefits of vitamins but I am improving.

Consciously use your memory. First try to remember simple things and gradually more detail. I can now remember the day of my accident, I tried but couldn’t for ages. I still can’t remember a lot, events that I should easily recall, they’re not there, nonetheless progress. Perhaps my memory loss is more to do with age than coma. I believe the gradual improvement in my walking has a lot to do with massage. The stimulation of the nerve endings in my leg, of dormant feeling. Stimulating the brain with feeling of the entire leg, maybe building new pathways for such communication. Similarly exercise helps. Everything seems to operate a little better after the repetition of mental communication at the gym. I was also going to mention travel but the main point is covering different ground. I found it a little harder walking different routes. For example walking over different terrain seems to challenge the brain. Repetition is key. I’ve always liked to travel, just excuses for my next trip.