P.O.Ws in Germany during world war 2 liked to sing “die gedanken sind frei” which translates your thoughts are free. It seems we have lost that sentiment by the actions taken against Julian Assange. I read the link below that suggests we were putting truth on trial through Assange. I actually think it’s worse, we are putting free thought on trial. Indeed we are all POW’s today, so much control.

Belief can lead to life in prison as shown by Julian Assange who exposed the belief of whistle blowers in writing, he believed them. The best way to combat belief is with fact or contrary belief. For the Assange case we might believe him or the USA? Human belief is binary, either truth or false. Assange committed no crime exposing belief, people must decide for themselves what to believe, that’s our individuality. Where is the crime? I guess it depends on whether you believe he compromised American security exposing truth, it’s hard to argue about truth with video.

Just to consider belief as it’s in the title of this website. WikiLeaks was a place of free expression and as such a threat to the powers of control. Indeed the internet and communication through it represents a danger for the establishment but also an opportunity for human evolution.

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