Dear fellow coma victims, we need to understand that the brain is rebuilding similar to when we were born, it needs to develop a relationship with the body parts and memory. Medicine previously thought once damaged the brain cannot rebuild and it’s permanent but recently changed it’s theory and now thinks the brain can adapt. Of course it’s learning anew and takes some time to reorganise. The best thing I have discovered in Singapore and Thailand is foot massage. The nerve stimulation is teaching my brain to again feel the foot. Instead of clunking down now when walking with my right foot I try to more gently place the heal on the ground like my left does naturally and feel the ground. We must be patient and give the brain some time to relearn and develop new pathways. Just think how long it takes for a newborn to develop and know it’s body, so it is with coma victims, we are like newborns. I’m actually in Thailand now and get a foot massage everyday, I think my walking is ever so slightly improving.

One thought on “Reborn

  1. Such a beautiful and meaningful Christmas and New Year message of hope and healing! It’s true you’re getting a foot massage every day and we have seen noticeable differences like you can enter and exit the swimming pool at our resort all on your own.