We went to see Transverse Orientation by Greek playwright Dimitri Papaioannou. I think it investigates consciousness, perhaps indirectly according to the author asking him during question time. He did agree with some of my observations. We apprehend at will, within context meaning is given by the spectator. Perhaps my thoughts about it reflect more my own ideas, art stimulates and maybe I overlayed.

It begins with a fluorescent light top left on a large white wall with a door to the side, the light spasmodically illuminates, flickering. From the door anonymous characters emerge with ladders to fix the light and construct. During construction the ladders are moved all about and the flickering returns now and again. A curious bull appears representing masculine inquiry, indeed men often determine the subject as we metaphorically construct in consciousness. Construction complete the ladders disappear from the stage, we are left with an empty space. Many boxes come through the door in the white wall, all on stage are involved in their transport and arrangement. For me the boxes represent thought, the white wall separates the material and non material worlds. Finally the stage is deconstructed right down to the flooring, all of it lifted and stacked. The fluorescent flickering diminishes and there is a human birth. Orientation is the business of consciousness, which also transverses. It ends with a woman’s head bathed in light, women bear consciousness. Ultimately consciousness transverses the boxes, ladders, flooring, up and down – dualism.