Dear fellow coma victims,

All things I speak of on this site are just common sense really, I continue. When running at the gym, I do that regularly, I only use my legs and never move my arms. I was asked again today if I’m a stroke victim. After more than a year of running I still don’t appear normal and I’ve noticed that I’m not moving the right arm at all like everybody else does. When I try to move my arms in coordination with my legs the right goes out of time and jerks about. There are so many subtle things the brain has forgotten, new pathways are forming. Previously my focus was on my right ankle which gradually improved, it’s not there yet. Now it’s my arm while running or walking. I can remember that I had a habit of placing my hand across my chest while walking, people would sometimes ask if I was ok thinking my heart was a problem. An old comfortable habit has returned, but as such my arm doesn’t move about.

The same kind of thing happens with our memories of past events, but I’m focussing on my body parts first. I hope when they are working properly other things will return too, perhaps the memory of a Christmas they all tell me about. I always think about how to best recover and with every step I take wonder. My improvement has only been through endeavour, not the brain healing naturally but by it’s use. I always wonder too if I’m behaving normally. I consider if I’m choosing the right words in conversation or on this site frequently rewriting posts. I always try. We can get there in the end through perseverance. Unfortunately there is no drug or operation to fix coma victims, no antibiotic or such. We must use the brain and try.

2 Replies to “Try”

  1. He never stops trying, Martin. It’s simply amazing and inspiring how much he continues to persevere every day.