I’m in the habit now of outsourcing my memory, it’s dysfunctional. When I say outsource I mean the internet, my blog and Google calendar. In case I forget again, I often do, a record of my trip to Ubud 6/2/1019 – 10/2/2019.

Bali is impressive, into the arts and subtleties of existence. I used to think of it as a beach holiday destination. The Balinese themselves are more interested in culture. They have so many examples of their own, not least of which are the many Hindu temples. I find Bali quite a deep and thoughtful culture.

Some people complain about the many tourists, but if you are so concerned you shouldn’t travel. Indeed a feature of modernity is the ability to see how others live. Let’s not slander their home because of tourists but celebrate it with them.

Reincarnation is a big part of the culture here. For the Balinese it’s a truth. Speaking to locals they have stories about it. From their own lives to those of their children, or their great grand father who has now become their son. The soul comes back in another body, male or female. Because of the concept of reincarnation, they name all their firstborn Wayan, followed by Kadek for the second child, Nyoman for the third child and Ketut for the fourth child. As there is no name for the fifth child, they go back to using Wayan for the fifth child, and so on and so forth.

Also they have their own calender in Bali, for us it’s 2019, in Bali it’s 1941. There are 35 days in a month. When I suggested that because their calendar was not solar or lunar, based on the movement of the planet, it causes celebrations like Christmas to move seasons, once in summer then winter. Calendars are human anyway, although based on planetary movement for most cultures. The calendar is also of the spiritual world it was suggested to me.