Today was spent listening to the state of the Union address by Obama. I really thought it quite good apart from what the commentators say now. A speech by the leader of the free world must be important for us, I only wish to have contributed to his speech and spoken of humanity, sure he tried to focus on the world but remained on US issues. Political thought is so central to or species now it seems to me. He brought up the main concepts of health and wealth which we are all immersed in. Even spoke of life. I personally think he’s a good person, he talks too much of power and money though, I guess he must focus on our most basic concerns.

One Reply to “Union”

  1. You’ve summed it all up again 🙂 While we strive to or claim to have grandiose ideals and concerns, when stripped bare, the matters closest to our hearts, wallets and stomachs may not be world peace or geopolitical dynamics. World leaders, however, are exempt from this as they are on a different pedestal.