Dear fellow coma victims, some people say my improvement is remarkable, I don’t know what gives this impression? Perhaps because I’m out of my wheelchair. I thought to provide you with another daily activity of mine in case that is the cause, helping. Thanks to my wife and identical twin brother I have been on a vitamin regime since I came out of coma, perhaps that is the root cause of my progress. I have been taking these: brahmin, gingko biloba, fish oil, milk thistle, anti oxidants and multi vitamin. I suspect Brahmin the most likely to heal my brain. I also think constantly about how to recover, using my brain to reflect upon things, maybe that is also helping, to think deeply, who knows? Anyway perhaps it is my vitamin intake so I must include the details here.  Oh I should mention that I’m using my walking stick again, “no recovery, each day’s a terrible discovery” a song came to mind.