I cannot believe how badly this coma has effected my walking. Just to go to the local coffee shop, a distance of perhaps 300m takes a long time, a very long time I haven’t measured, yesterday I became concerned about making it back home. It’s a very small hobble, perhaps just the length of a ruler my hobble, 100cm.

A sane person would just stay at home but unfortunately I caught insanity many years ago, I personally think just to keep trying to walk helps my brain to understand it again, for it seems to have forgotten. Coming to Raffles place today people looked at me like a cripple. I have walked the terrain many times per week, and go to many other places, it’s so damn embarrassing. I can’t believe the deterioration. I thought my brain would slowly heal, that’s what everyone tells me. It seems insanity has returned to my brain. People think there are some activities I can do to help but it really is just my brain, no physical damage at all, just my consciousness.

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