Kiss the Ground is a documentary you can watch on Netflix about how we might fix global warming. The earth can absorb much of the carbon if we regenerate the soil. Most atmospheric carbon is caused by land use; farming, deforestation, desertification. Absorbing carbon into the soil would stop the emergency so that we could still temporarily use fossil fuels for energy. To achieve carbon sequestration we need to change how we use the land, presently some countries are trying to do this. Watch the documentary for a plan that will stop global warming.

Another Netflix show, Down to Earth, inspired me to write what can do as individuals. The best thing we can do is become vegan. The farming of animals for food is a big part of the problem. 70% of carbon emissions comes from farming, animal or vegetable. The series says crop rotation would help, and integration with existing flora rather than dedicated fields. Growers might change practices if we only buy carbon friendly produce. The individual as buyer can make a big difference in a capitalist society. Anyway “Down to Earth” reckons we should be aware of how our food is produced. Buying influences, there are almost 8 billion of us.