You must be famous to be president of the United States these days. CNN now reports Oprah Winfrey might be next, she would come after reality TV star Donald Trump, before him movie star Ronald Reagan. Probably the right thing for a country so focussed on the individual and during the time of the “me too” movement. I’m sure Oprah is a fine person, better than the incumbent. Actually I’m viewing these developments in US politics as the possibility of a more fundamental changes.

Clearly we still need to overcome sexism, or powerism as an actor called it discussing Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse. The use of power for non-consensual sex. I think at some point while growing up we objectify women. I too began passing judgement, thoughts like “nice tits… nice arse… great legs”. A global phenomena, perhaps the result of animal instinct, we are evolved animals after all. It will require childhood education to stop such judgements and the objectification of women. Just now there has been disturbing reports of rape and murder of a child in Pakistan, such crimes occur globally. Indeed we need to evolve and start to live in our intellect rather than our bodies.

Maybe one day humanity might overcome money too. Through blockchain we might be able to exchange ideas and effort, intellect, rather than cash. As I’ve said here before the human species might go beyond the Industrial Age. If we do evolve we will survive the destruction of this planet because of global warming. We will need to act quickly to slow down the increase of weather events around the world. Ironically the recent freezing weather in the US was caused by global warming. Hoping for the development of nuclear fusion, not fission, as an eternal power supply. Amazing to be able to create the sun’s energy on Earth by atomic interactions. To replicate the sun’s surface energy in the Large Hadron Collider, apart from black holes.