Watching news services I felt the need to make a public post for American readers. The only reason the US economy is doing well is because of Obama. After the Global Financial Crisis his administration helped to restore the economy. The US economy is questionable today because of Trump’s tax cuts favouring the rich. I would have to say America is the most unequal society in the world, extremes at both ends. They’ve left NATO and take no action on the most important issue, climate change. To save the planet and avoid extinction America should stop emitting carbon. We should be taking global warming seriously rather than doubting scientific measurements.

Trump doesn’t even believe in climate change. He is a sceptic or conspiracy theorist who says it’s an invention by the Chinese. He reversed Obama’s attempts to address it and encouraged the mining and burning of coal. If Russia can influence an American election through social media I should have a go. I’ll keep it simple yelling… “CLIMATE CHANGE”. Readers, make a post about your concerns for global warming, ask everyone you know to do the same until we force action by government! If Facebook can influence American elections we can make a difference.