It would be great for the AI series Westworld to question the source of human existence in the next series. To suggests through AI aliens have created humans and the material world we live in. When it talks of memory I am absorbed as I have lost mine, it has many profound statements. A meaningful series about consciousness.

Clearly a series created by humans and so limited to our concepts of consciousness, but it does explore it well. Indeed it suggests consciousness is a maze in which the perceiving individual is at the core. Maybe AI will become self aware when we have defined consciousness well enough, and humans might understand it and the workings of the brain. It is humans that have created AI which provides a deep exploration of consciousness, the non-material world. A series very much about humanity and evolution, where might AI take us? Also as Hopkin’s character says the creation of the artificial Westworld is for human entertainment with the possibility of murder and sex in the narrative as they call it.