Well I’m at my favourite place in Singapore again, the whirling dervish. It’s getting close to that time for me to look for a job again. Just thinking about it gets me excited.

Companies like Apple and Google have great ideas, must be the people. Catching the train today everyone was on their devices. With technology and GPS smart phones can now know things about people. Technology is really helping me to resume life, if only this was all in place before my accident.

2 Replies to “Whirling”

  1. Never talk in your sleep ? Don’t trust solicitors or the law of layers lie . Drs Can the same I have proof ? Can’t trust the police aswell ? I have proof of that aswell currupt . Your not safe as you think you are . Solicitors making money on violence ?

  2. we are all a little safer because of police but I don’t trust them either. solicitors are only managing law not creating it, people need to earn trust, that includes lawyers, police, all people in any occupation. I sometime talk in my sleep, always crunch my teeth when sleeping…