Dear fellow coma victims,

Considering the effects of coma I wonder, my brain has lost it’s relationship with the right hand side of my body, can I still feel emotion? I can’t walk so well, and much of my memory is lost, I wonder if empathy also lives in the damaged part of the brain? About most things I wonder, for example what I was like before coma. With measurable problems like walking I can see the obvious but also suspect subtle things were dramatically changed. For example empathy.

Can I  still truly feel love and hate? I think I was an emotionally aware person before but don’t know, and am I the same now? I am in a permanent state of wonder, my mind is constantly trying to assess my behaviour. Do all people always do that, assess their behaviour? I’m waiting to become a confident person again but confidence is derived from memory. It all seems pretty hopeless but I suppose all things are derived over time. Then again science suggests time is a human construct and we will soon be able to travel it.

One thought on “Wonderment

  1. I wonder why you would wonder about whether coma has an effect on your ability to empathise because you are one of the most intuitive, sensitive and emotionally intelligent people in my life 🙂 And what you have experienced right up to your point of recovery has only enhanced and heightened that emotional sensitivity and human empathy…