Coma presents a monolith. This site was originally a discussion thereof, so how’s it going? Physical At 10 years since I believe the right side of my body has improved as best it can. My right hand spreads out better but I’m no longer confidently … Continue readingRecovery


Quantum computing has a new machine logic, no longer binary but with a third state, the qubit. In quantum physics this state is known as Super Position. For computing, beyond 1 and 0 the qubit represents something in-between, maybe. This new logic derived from quantum … Continue readingQuantum


A visit to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I really like this city, the whole country. I’ve been here several times, as far north as Sapa entering from China a very long time ago. First night at the Caravelle hotel we had a good buffet dinner, … Continue readingHo


I have no memory of coma, by my research online some people did. For people to come out fluently speaking a foreign language is amazing. We live in language. I too spoke a foreign language when I came out, but have no idea of how … Continue readingEmerge


Another memory for storage, my wife’s birthday holiday to Ubud. The perfect spot for an escapist or spiritualist, we are both. Above a Kecak performance, reminds me of the film Baraka. The Balinese culture is very different from the west, always aware of ancestry. They … Continue readingUbud


We all have premonitions, like a sixth sense. I remember walking home from school when young studying my gait, something I now do every day. At that time I was interested in walking having been taught techniques at primary school, heal then toe. I also … Continue readingPremonition


Christmas in AoNang. A 2 week holiday until new years eve. Visits to places nearby; Phi Phi, Raileigh, Phra Nang beach, Krabi. A record here for memory, it was a fun change from the ordinary… Another record for memory, a 4 day holiday in Phuket … Continue readingThailand


Religion is practiced all over the world: Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, the list goes on. Even primitive cultures exhibit belief. If nothing else religion demonstrates the human desire for the good. Unquestionably good and evil exist in the world of consciousness, and act … Continue readingBelief


A post from Melbourne, travel is possible again as we learn to live with covid. The main interest for coma victims is the provocation of memory. I remember my way around my favourite area here, the top end of town near parliament. I should visit … Continue readingMelbourne


Consciousness might be described as perception where identity emerges. Is there a biological element, perhaps the heart? Poetically the heart has often been given weight, home is where the heart is. I don’t think artificial consciousness is possible, I find it difficult to personify. I … Continue readingConsciousness


We went to see Transverse Orientation by Greek playwright Dimitri Papaioannou. I think it investigates consciousness, perhaps indirectly according to the author asking him during question time. He did agree with some of my observations. We apprehend at will, within context meaning is given by … Continue readingTransverse


A conversation with Elon. Even though you have a lot, we might stop using money for exchange. No need for human labour with the robots. Emotion has always been a great motivator, perhaps more than money and it differentiates us from the artificial. Without money … Continue readingMusk