Israel should hold Hamas to account for crimes against humanity, but not punish more than 2 million Palestinians bombing Gaza. In doing so they are killing thousands of innocents, a case of the persecuted turning persecutor.

Attacks like this were frequent a few years ago, each with many deaths. This time they have more determination because of the recent deplorable killings by Hamas; of children, women, the helpless. However these Gaza attacks shouldn’t be indiscriminate but targeted with at least some evidence of who they are killing. If war can be justified, it takes effort to do it in good conscience. Hamas must pay for its atrocities, bring back the PLO…

Added 30/10/2023…

We should protect life, not take it. There can be no doubt that Hamas acted against life. That doesn’t permit the victim to do likewise, taking even more. The innocent must be protected, to suggest they are merely collateral damage is also against life.

Humanity should stand up and protect the innocent. I cannot differentiate between the atrocities of Hamas and Israel. To wonder everyday if you’ll see the next. Bring back the PLO and a two state solution. Nah, Hamas have done, are doing, some despicable things. All killing is wrong, but they are taking it to another level. We should try and prevent all killing. Apparently we value life.