lbgtI went yesterday to a LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transexual) conference called IDAHOBIT (International day against Homophobia Bi-phobia Transphobia) held in Singapore. We humans are so determined to make universal our beliefs, even our feelings of love, I hope we can get past this dogma. The organiser is a good  friend of mine, the issues are fundamental and profound. Why a person can’t love absolutely anybody is deplorable. There was also a film shown and presentations by great people were made. The woman who spoke was excellent, she was transgender, and beautiful. The film ‘Bent’ was shown which seemed to focus on the physicality of existence. In it the Jews in concentration camps were always considering their own death, so too are gays with diseases like AIDS, but most importantly it was an exploration of love and forgiveness. Recent changes were made to Singaporean law that enable people to obtain drugs that can help AIDS victims, previously limited. It is right to help all people despite their beliefs, homosexuals, Jews, democrats, all people. Through medicine, technology, even 3D printing perhaps, we are developing constantly. We may only need thought, not sperm and ovaries, to reproduce in the future, and physical interaction will only be for pleasure, to satisfy our human desires.

One thought on “Togetherness 

  1. Nice words Mat. Good to see you getting political, and for a good cause. It’s hard to believe that medicine and knowledge for AIDS has been restricted in the 21st Century. I’ve heard similar stories in Malaysia. But there is much hope for the future!