Something of a typical hollywood film about a subject originally explored by Stanely Kubric’s art house film ‘space odyssey 2001’, both films depict the birth of the technological entity. In space odyssey there was HAL and then in transcendence a human, dr Will Caster’s consciousness is transported into technology on his deathbed. Some boring human plots emerge in transcendence but it was so focussed on the human brain that it reminded me of coma, like a computer I have been rebooted. Through technology I can remain in touch with biological entities, if this blog is ever read. I travel a bit and find it difficult to be physically present but as a technological entity can keep abreast of issues and people wherever I am. I’m constantly plugged in to the Internet nowadays with my iPhone and Mac, in my blog I express myself, my ideas. Maybe I too am becoming a technological entity. One lives in hope. Watch both films and maybe you’ll see what I mean. AI is already here, let’s move on from the mundane like measurement and the world of facts and leave all of that stuff to AI. Life feels special right now, looking about at people, I suspect we are on the verge of evolution. The only problem with AI is that it doesn’t intrinsically know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, AI needs to be told what to think of things, maybe it’s too soon for us to build a thinking machine. We don’t have the answers. Sure an evaluative machine, but perhaps not a soulful machine, perhaps we will need to improve our uses of cells and biological matter in computers for that…$G1Ref

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