Fact versus opinion. Thought makes humans different from other species, do we aim for truth? I think we are more concerned with opinion than fact. During my education I was taught true and false, good and bad, objectivity and subjectivity. We become assimilated to the local sensibility. Is there a correct way to think? Perhaps AI can help us more intimately understand intelligence. I often wonder what logic I am using, if it’s fit for purpose. I think with binary logic, is it the only way? The TV news just now appealed to “what’s right” presuming an absolute. Indeed the human mind is shaped by where it lives, what’s right for that location.

Intelligence is becoming more heavily scrutinised because of the artificial. AI provides us an opportunity to consider intelligence as a non-human process, discreet from consciousness. I don’t always trust my conscious thought, opinions. It seems to me what makes us different from AI is that we’re immersed in opinion. Perhaps in the future we might focus on opinion and let AI take care of the facts, processes.

We need to discern between opinion and fact. Lex Fridman’s interview with Max Tegmark was something of an eye opener.

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