Dear fellow coma victims, I believe these things may help coma victims.


 HBOT I think I wouldn’t have recovered as well as I have without HBOT. In fact it marked the beginning of my recovery, perhaps just thinking about getting better helped. HBOT helped me to have a belief of how I was in the past and something to aim for. I’m convinced hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulated brain operation. Oxygen is fundamental to the brain and human health, I think it helped build new pathways.

 Deliberate Be deliberate in all things. Walking Deliberately with every step has helped I think. Focussing on my foot placement on the ground, how I use the bad leg for balance helped to build the pathway. The upshot is don’t regard yourself as a vegetable. Act with purpose complementing the brain for correct action. Consciously think about what you are doing. Perhaps in time life will again become automatic. It’s also been good for life not to be automatic, like a child again mentally active in every action.

–  Education Activity using my brain with purpose to learn new things and also using memory, to remember for exams, helped a lot I suspect. While I failed, stimulating the brains typical use in a focussed way also encouraged old and new pathways. I’m now studying technology again online, AWS, which is reminding me of my old jobs. Also I keep a calendar on my phone. I need to remember what I did today to keep it uptodate. also it’s a great reference for what I’ve done and plan to do. Always making sure it has all activities past and future.

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