Dear fellow coma victims,

A list of things that may have helped in my recovery from coma. When searching for recovery suggestions I couldn’t find anything relevant, these ideas may assist…

  • Keep a calendar, remember what you have done and plan to do, also good for knowing what day it is, public holidays etc. Good for memory outsourcing.
  • A hand phone for the calendar and many apps, the internet, to interact with and build logic, don’t use it on the train or while walking unless necessary, pet hates
  • Go to the gym to exercise, focus on problem body parts, and general health
  • Always think about it when using problem body parts, this might help the brain build new pathways
  • Affirm when the brain operates correctly, affirmation is after all a brain function and this may assist in building the new pathway, make it real and the preferred route
  • Think from other people’s perspective placing yourself in different circumstances
  • Regularly ask yourself questions, gradually they might become more complex. The questions could be thought up by yourself or somebody close. Things that you frequently consider to test memory and rebuild identity.
  • HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • The use of technology is also good to rebuild intelligence and identity as they build Artificial Intelligence. Technology seems to react in text more like a person these days at many sites. Technology enables us to interact with the world, it has many avenues for communication like this site at WordPress.

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