Dear fellow coma victims,

My walking has deteriorated again, I need a stick daily but stopped using one for about 3 months. It takes so long for the brain to develop new pathways as the old ones don’t work anymore. I think it’s still often re-routing before it decides on the new permanent pathway. MRI scans revealed damage to part of my brain and doctors in Thailand said I’d have problems with the right side of my body, so true.

I suspect my overall consciousness is mostly back to normal. It’s hard to know if I still understand empathy properly. I am often concerned for others but is that empathy? Empathy is more about feelings, putting yourself in another persons shoes and experiencing their attitudes towards things. Maybe my problem is with language, remembering what words mean. Yes my memory is still problematic, is memory consciousness? In that case my consciousness is not back to normal.

I did initially only speak German when I first came out of coma. I lived and worked there for about a year and thought it my language. It was the common language only for that year, but I have been to Deutschland many times. There goes my consciousness again, I am German and had the misfortune of being born in Australia, now I regard myself as Singaporean.

I’m learning again, everything. I don’t hold out much hope for my brain to remember more. It’s been over 7 years since my descent. I’m learning how to use my body again, and how to use my memory, remember. I suspect through repetitive use of the brain in a purposeful conscious way it improves. The pathway in the brain are developing.

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