My wife is about to start a PHD at an interesting institution, the ‘university of metaphysics’. The university suggests that now there is a resurgence in metaphysical thought. I will look at the subjects she studies and perhaps I too will study. The university mentions some great names in their description, for example Jung. Perhaps humanity will again focus on the other reality, infinity. They also suggest that metaphysics has a place again, in technology. Transfer me to AI, a link to their website… link

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  1. We’re both seekers in pursuit of what the Buddhists call nirvana, samadhi according to the Hindhus or the cosmic consciousness. To be One with the all-creating universal source of all things – the God within us 🙂

  2. Dear Mathew ; Good to see you also interested in the Metaphysics I know it goes far beyond reincarnation I do remember that you were always interested in the mystical side of life , you do have a credible teacher and instructor in your wife, I am sure you can spend hours together exploring and talking about this very subject Now’ how are you and how is Angeline ? Trust you are both well and living Life to its fullest ; here in beautiful Paynesville everything is as it should be ;The school-holidays start next week, and Martin and Ryu promised to spend some time with us. We are really looking forward to this , Sending you our Love and hope to see you soon , LOVE,,,MUM and Da d .

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    > Mathew Homberger posted: “My wife is about to start a PHD at a most > interesting institution, the ‘university of metaphysics’. It seems to > express ideas similar to those that I often consider on this site, the > cerebral domain as opposed to the physical domain. The university sugges” >

  3. Thank you so much for your very kind words, dad 🙂 We’re each other’s spiritual guide and offer fellow support in the otherworldly interests of ours. We live in an increasingly ambivalent world which is full of human strife and primal concerns, forgetting the glorious Godliness in us and in the Universe. Our souls and astral selves live beyond our physical existence, and there can be no higher purpose than to elevate our knowledge of our inner selves and their relationship with the human domain. We’re really looking forward to seeing you and mum in idyllic Paynesville again and resuming thought-provoking conversations about life, memories and experiences…soon!

  4. I listen to Dr. Masters from time to time (I believe he founded the school your wife is going to). Such an interesting person. I hope it goes well!

  5. I’ve actually thought about it. I’ve even talked to them. I might look into it again because of befriending you and getting some feedback. Hope you’re doing well! Take care, Hope