Visiting my parents in Paynesville, quite a long way from Melbourne, is an historic event. It proves that the past exists, even for us who have lost it. Speaking about many family occasions and ancestors is profound for me today, I suspect I always enjoyed such conversations because I like the fact that I am German. To hear of distant relatives there like Hedwig, Richard and Augusta really stimulates the imagination having lived there for about a year. Perhaps that was the only good thing to come out of coma, an appreciation for life. Maybe I was a little bored by existence prior, certainly not anymore with so many things to focus on. Memory and walking take the cake. I suspect even my walking has improved while visiting, only slightly but discernibly. I just walked about 10 kilometres. Memory is also challenged, I need to remember who I was. They are my parents after all and probably knew me as a person extremely well. I’ll take their lead during our interaction.